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How to attract love into your life

Dear Sweet Friend,

What is the opposite of attracting love? Longing. I know you were probably thinking hate is the opposite, and perhaps hate is the emotion which pushes love away, but so can longing and desire. Longing always wants a place to land. When we WANT too much then our hearts are already full, full of want. Longing can also map our brains towards the idea of "lack" or "not enough" or "deprivation." Many of us remember this from childhood, or young adulthood. As adults though, we have the power and control to begin to open our hearts and imaginations instead of fixating on the longing and the absence of what we want. We can remap our minds, hearts, souls, and even bodies. Only then will our longing shift to a peaceful, joyful experience of creativity and abundance.

But how exactly do you step into the flow and allow love instead of resisting it? Read More

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