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"I met Nancy online. I was right away so impressed by her appearance and feminine energy that she transmit. Gosh, just beautiful, so connected to who she really is. Pure love, gentle but strong. Powerful feminine woman who will pull out the best of you. I was attending some of her mater classes and the energy that I felt after was just peaceful  realization of who I really am. When we are connected to our beautiful feminine essence and accepting this truth all our world changes. I deeply believe that we discover that truth there is nothing that can redirect us on our path and mission which is to nourish this world with our Light, love and femininity. This is what Nancy offers after you connect with her. Don't miss her classes! Its' a must!"


~ Natali Krizan, Zagreb Croatia



"Many women are great at what they do, but very few are as beautifully feminine, inspiring AND great at what they do, as Nancy is. She 100% walks her divine feminine talk. When she speaks, her voice emanates support, love and comfort. If you are thinking of learning from a real life goddess, Nancy is the feminine warrior and teacher to go to." ❤ 


Michelle Lee - Queensland, Australia 



"I see a woman who radiates beauty, femininity, intelligence, kindness and a sincere desire to reach out and touch others by helping them to stimulate personal growth, enhanced inner joy and success.  I feel you also offer a reassuring, professional energy that is delightful when you are doing your videos and interviews.  I feel your service to help others find out more about how awesome they are is of tremendous value in addition to your ability to help others connect and create a special community of like minded women.  I am grateful for your friendship!"


Maura Lynn Muhler, Mt Hood, Oregon



"You know when you meet a woman who is totally rocking her Feminine Power because she is positively magnetic, well that kind of woman is Nancy! I’ve had the privilege to learn from this gorgeous and honest soul who walks her talk and shares her magic of radiating pure femininity. Love you Nancy and keep on spreading your love and femininity, you can help so many others!"


Hanneke Kooistra, Almere Stad, Flevoland Netherlands



"Nancy is a true example of Feminine Energy. She has been such an inspiration to me and for me as she has guided me from my masculine of being the top sales rep to letting things go and flow to receive even more abundance. I'm am grateful for the teaching and guidance she provides."


Suzy Foster, San Francisco, CA



"Nancy Walters is a feminine goddess! She not only lives in her feminine energy she also teaches other women on how to be more feminine in an easy and fun way! 

I have been applying some of her tools and because of her teachings, I have been able to connect to my feminine power more which has affected all areas in my life in such a beautiful way! I am a better mom, woman, business owner because of it and I am glowing and happy! Life has been flowing more instead of forcing things to happen. Thank you Nancy! Love you" 


Sandy Gold, West Palm Beach , FL



"Just want you to know Nancy..... I am now wearing dresses. I have red nail polish on my fingers and toes. I bought red lipstick. I purchased a copy of The Power of 8 today from Amazon. Who is this person? I don’t know her!! And I’m doing it all for me! I’m dating myself. You’re helping me get in touch with my femininity.... I didn’t know I wasn’t in touch with it- but I’m sure having fun finding it! Thank YOU my faraway friend. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights and talents, thanks for stepping out and sharing you!"


Kelley Christine, Los Angeles, CA



"I joined Nancy’s Radiantly Divine group as there was something within me guiding me to do so. As I entered her group she made me feel so warmly welcomed. I got the deep feeling of this space being women supporting women in such a respectful, fun, open, raw, and fun manner. I had lost touch with my feminine essence after a very challenging relationship experience and was looking for a connection within again. And Nancy opened up this space and through her openness and connecting with others, I feel empowered in my femininity again. There’s something magical about women coming together with the same purpose. I’m grateful for her, she’s truly inspiring! Thank you Nancy"


Nicole Bürgi, Zurich, Switzerland

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