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Unlocking Feminine Power

Step out of Lack and Drop into Flow


Most women, maybe you, are yearning for such things as true love, intimacy, connection, belonging, creativity, self expression, aliveness, meaning, contribution, and purpose.

To do that, we need to tap into something that is authentically ours —a Feminine Power —a power that’s intuitive, graceful and magnetic. One that can’t be controlled or obtained through the hustle, grit and grind of a linear and control based way of doing things.

Since we live in such a masculine-oriented world, it’s more important than ever to know how to awaken feminine energy. We are shifting into a new paradigm and are witnessing the Rising of the Feminine. It's now time to awaken unto yourself and rediscover your own unique gifts and share them with the world. 

I was once so wrapped up in my masculine energy of linear thinking, trying to control everything in my life, feeling disappointed, stressed out, burned out I was Exhausted! But then I discovered how to make the shift I teach in our Feminine Power Course.…I tapped into something that is so alive, full of sensuality. I connected with my true essence and its available to all of us just waiting to be rediscovered.

This is what is possible when tap into your feminine power.

I want to share with YOU what I discovered through simple tools and easy practices on how to shift unconscious programming that may be keeping you stuck and how to fully DROP into your FEMININE POWER!

Unlocking Your Feminine Power will allow you to:

* Be confident and visible

* Cultivate authentic self expression

* Ignite your natural magnetic energy to become highly attractive in your relationships and life

* Create relationships that are deeply intimate, loving and supportive

* Manifest your desires for fun, adventure and play

* Connect to your inner knowing

* Awaken spiritually and fully become the woman you were BORN to be!

Join Me in UNLOCKING YOUR FEMININE POWER and step out of lack and drop into flow! I’ll teach you the easy way to reconnect with the deepest, most authentic part of yourself and reveal the #1 key to rocking your radiance.


* 6 Group Sessions every week 

* 20 minute private coaching, exploration call beginning of course

* POWERFUL Meditations and thought provoking exercises and activities

* Private FB Group with recorded sessions available to re watch 

* Community of Women to intimately share, connect and collaborate with

*Weekly inspiration, assignments and goals 

The possibilities your life and future are REAL—and they’re BIGGER than you can imagine. 

I can’t wait to see you inside! 





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