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What Women are Saying

"I feel so grateful and blessed to have said YES to Nancy Walter's 6-week Unlocking Feminine Power masterclasses.

For most of my 51 years of life, I have operated strongly in my masculine, ignoring and sometimes refusing to allow my feminine side. Through childhood experiences, and a tough education that reinforced hard work, persistence and success at all costs, I subscribed to the mistaken belief, that this was the way. Yes, I did have successes, however, I missed out on experiencing many other dimensions of life...

Two of the biggest learnings I was reminded of in these masterclasses, was to learn to receive love and learn to slow down and rest... the Universe reminded me too 2 weeks ago, by gifting me with a monkey bite and shots, which kept me bedridden for days, forced rest and lots of loving from my darling Mark. Grateful for the learnings.

Thank you Nancy, for your guidance, and thank you to the beautiful ladies in our group, for your essence, your divine, your vulnerable shares, and your support. To any ladies out there reading this, give yourself this gift, of opening yourself to higher levels of awareness. Join Nancy Walters on her quest to evoke the divine feminine power within you."

Michelle Lee, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia


"Nancy is very closely aligned to your core message at Radiantly Divine. I have had the great pleasure of working with her on a passion project on FACEBOOK LIVES that not only generated a lot of interest but captured her innate qualities of genuinely caring for people, seeking to understand and bring clarity - as she walks her talk of living every day in the embodiment of her quintessential feminine being. Nancy is very creative, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and is a real pleasure to work with."

Tina Jesso, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


"Nancy’s pure joy in teaching a subject that she obviously embodies in her own life really helped me get in touch with more of my feminine side. I tend to be independent, and “strong” because I’ve experienced disappointment in relationships. But Nancy’s teachings, and the women I met in the class, helped me feel free to explore my softness. Thank you, Nancy! You are such a bright light for women." 

Osël Plante, Portland, Oregon 

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