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What Your Divine Soul Wants You to Know

Hi Loves,

This quote I came across recently sums up what it means to work calmly to find healing and resolution when I've been triggered:

Carve out and claim the time to care for yourself, and kindle your own fire. ~Amy Ippoliti

I’ve learned the importance of self care over the years. If I cannot be there for myself, how can I be there for anyone else? And, without self care we often begin to neglect the lovely glow of our soul, our fire.

A morning routine, a moment to drop in, breathe, meditate, walk in nature, exercise - something to begin my day before the busyness of life takes me away. When I do not honor this ritual, whatever it may be in the moment, it throws me off balance; I’m more reactive, irritable, ungrounded.

A recent conference call upon wake up, before I had a chance to center myself, had me triggered for the rest of the day. I felt undermined, micro-managed, and controlled. Me and control.

Control, structure, status quo does not work for this independent, free-spirited woman. I had to examine where such a strong fight or flight reaction was coming from. It was automatic. Where were its roots. Why was I so unsettled?

When we are triggered, it’s an invitation to look within and acknowledge what needs to be heard, and healed. A healing, an action, an acceptance, a letting go.

As a seeker of the authentic internal self, I am unafraid to dive into its depths, exploring its murky waters to truly understand what needs to be brought to the surface so I can let it dissolve in the light of awareness.

In that moment I resolved to get my “me” time in first and foremost no matter what. Everything else can wait. Because when I honor the call of my soul I’m calmer, gentler, have more clarity, am less reactive, and my work and interactions thrive.

Take time for yourselves, Dear Loves! It’s oh so important. Honor the process and love yourself fiercely.

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