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Awakening my divine sensuality through Burlesque

There is nothing as beautiful as a woman who is unafraid to dive into the depths of herself and be fully expressed. So many of us women are disconnected to that feminine side that is full of ease, grace, flow and sensuality.

I teach a lot about feminine power and women being able to drop in and owning all aspects of themselves. I decided well Nancy, you need to practice what you preach. My inner temptress had been locked away and denied the pleasure of coming alive and being seen for quite some time.

When I saw this 8 week Burlesque Performance Series being offered in Portland by the Madame Steele School of Sensual Arts I knew I had to do it. Everything I do, everything I learn, I bring back to all my ladies as a tool to teach them to be more authentically expressed and for myself, to live by example.

With excitement mixed with a little trepidation I began my journey. Now this wasn’t your usual “dance” class, we never learned any steps or choreography everything we did came from our own inner truth. We had vulnerable shares, movement, circles, we held space for and supported one another. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes carrying their own story being called to embody and express.

So many times as I moved during the exercises I would hear the old voice saying “you can’t do that” “it’s not nice” “who do you think you are?” the old judgements of the past.

We’ve all been shamed by something or someone at some point in our lives and have learned to shut that part of ourselves off. The old programming stays with us until we are ready to confront it and release it. A lot of the times that involves a very bold act and taking a giant leap into the unknown which can be scary as hell because its just that - the Un Known.

My whole experience leading up to the final performance was uncomfortable to say the least; confronting limiting beliefs, pushing past fear, wanting to be perfect and having it all figured out. Each one of us women coming in with it, and releasing it in the safe sacred space, a container for all of us to be loved and held and unconditionally accepted.

No one can teach us how to move or dance and we were taught to find that within ourselves. Connect with our inner goddess and bring her out. When we did, it was such an exhilarating experience and absolutely mesmerizing to watch. There was electricity in the room and each woman was radiating with pure juicy, vibrant femininity

I picked my music, worked with it, costumed, and choreographed, praticed and even up to the day before I still thought of backing out because I still couldn’t figure out how it was all going to happen. How was I going to move on this beat, how were my clothes going to come off... “Oh I can’t do this!” The familiar self saboteurs.

But the show must go on right? “I’ve got this”

Performance day was a blast. We felt fully supported and knew we were in this together. We gathered in a ceremonial circle, acknowledged one another and danced away our nerves, watched everyone fill up the seats and got ready to take the stage.

I had just come off an indulgent holiday carrying a few extra pounds but that didn’t matter. I got out there and rocked it. It was almost surreal and over way too fast and I can’t wait to do it again!

I believe every woman should allow themselves to unleash that inner diva, the one mom and dad would blush at seeing. She is part of you and is waiting to come out. We have so many flavors to taste and indulge in, why stop at one?

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1 commentaire

This is sooooooo beautiful, Nancy! And so well written!

I would be scared to death and feel so ashamed even if i know better and I shouldn’t. I salute you!

Love it!❤️🍓

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