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Unlocking Feminine Power

6 Week Masterclass Series

Imagine what it would feel like... fully living from your Feminine Power, expressing your gifts, creating the prosperity that reflects your value, waking up every day feeling energized, vital, and well, attracting the love you deserve, and the support, resources or opportunities you need to be able to thrive...

Dive Into Your Radiant Self

Divine Offerings


Unlocking Feminine Power

Step out of Lack and Drop Into Flow

 Awaken to the possibility of who you are. Step more fully into your feminine power with ease, grace, and magic.  Goddess Work, and rituals to root you in your purpose, passion, and talents. Classes are designed to help you create the life you dream about. 


Connect and Unwind

Reconnect and Integrate transformational experiences in nature, beautiful surroundings and other gorgeous souls. More to come!

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Goddess Circle

Divine Community of Women

 When women gather for a deeper purpose, the satisfaction is undeniably potent.  This means coming together to share deeply and authentically, and supporting one another to rise into our full power.  It means to look our fear,  jealousy and judgments in the eye and dismantle them one by one, with love. Ancient women would gather as a way of life and we are being called to revive this way.  When women gather, they remember they are a part of a beautiful and powerful female collective that is unstoppable.


Spirit Work

In order to transform your outer life, you need to transform your inner life. Awakened Heart Collective workshops take you on an inner journey. You will learn to take an inventory of your limiting ideas and beliefs, reconnect with the Divine Feminine through the sacred tools of ritual and ceremony, and tap into your gut instincts and inner voice. This reconnection process includes Shadow Work - bringing the lost parts of your Sacred Feminine self back into the light so that you can flourish. See our schedule and fill out your information below to learn more.


The Goddess has never been lost. It's just that some of us have forgotten how to find her. 
      ~Patricia Monaghan


The Goddess does not rule the world;

she is the world.

~ Starhawk

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